I… I think I just ruined it T^T I should not have added those lines lol. MORAL OF THE STORY: Experiment on other stuff, not on commission pieces. 

I guess I need to repeat it again TuT if the commissioner minds.

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Transferring on watercolor paper later *u*

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Day 3: Your Favorite Book- The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This is actually my second favorite book. But I’ve done a couple of fanarts about The Little Prince before so I thought I’d go for this one next. I’ve always found children’s books calming and refreshing to read maybe because the words are easier and a little bit more honest, I guess? Truth to be told, I haven’t finished this book yet. And I don’t intend to. I refused to read the last chapter because it felt bad knowing that there wouldn’t be a second book. I didn’t want to part ways with it T^T So I just reread it and stop before it ends. lol. what a bad reading habit. XD

Anyways, though I had other important things to do last night, I decided to go and just do this because I wasn’t feeling like myself and I though maybe doing some art would help me.

30 Day Art Challenge: DAY 2- a Gijinka of your favorite Pokemon

Soooo yeah T^T Sorry for the super late upload. OSZ Hopefully you can recognize which pokemon she is *u* 

Since finals is giving me more workload than I’ve expected, I don’t think I can resume this challenge anytime soon TAT //flipstable. I’ll do day three after the final exams which is more or less three weeks away. (And I am getting nothing done on my final requirements. //hangsself) orz

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It’s been a while.

This is actually the cover of a short comic I did for our midterm project in my World Literature class which is to do a comic adaptation of the works we’ve discussed. And this is a modern adaptation of Katherine Mansfield’s Something Childish But Very Natural. Since I rushed it (because I procrastinated till the very end), I wasn’t able to at least scan the cover (much less the comic itself. And it wasn’t anything special anyway. //slapped). And I wasn’t even able to take pictures of the whole process because I was panicking lol. This was all I was able to take T^T Sorryyy.


And I lost yet another follower. //creis

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30 DAY ART CHALLENGE DAY 1: Yourself or your persona

So yeah, here i am *u*. Well, it’s a bit far from reality though XD My hair is brownish black (due to damage) but i refuse to use black on most of my colored works xD The pose is the only perfectly accurate thing about me in that drawing *A* 

I’ve actually finished this last friday but I only got the chance to upload it here just today orz

I was searching for 30 day art challenges to practice and reinvent myself, but I couldn’t really find anything that interested me; some were too hard and some were plain boring (*A* sorry). So yeah, i just decided to make my own that would not stress me out too much and push me to the edges of being artblocked but would still be a challenge. (and yeah, i took some ideas from other challenges. xD)

I plan on starting tonight after school or tomorrow. I’ve been inactive for a while so this will be a good chance to revive my blog ahaha.

I drew this last week for my um, boyfriend. Lol. That’s me behind, looking like my usual haggard self. XD

Another gift art for a friend xD

Orz still can’t make decent backgrounds to save my life T-T

Because I wasn’t really studying that morning xD

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First art for 2014~

Been playing with acrylics for a while xD

Art Trade with a friend from facebook.


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Your page is awesomeness

AWWW Thank you *u* //glomps

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